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Meaningful engagement with commissioners is increasingly the biggest challenge to commercial success for pharmaceutical or healthcare companies.

Brand strategies are successfully created with healthcare professionals in mind, but we often find these rarely appeal to commissioners.


Accendo Marketing ignites pharmaceutical brands and rekindle portfolios for our clients because we are the first strategic marketing agency that focuses on both healthcare professionals and commissioners with equal expertise, to ensure the marketing plan survives contact with all these customers and builds a platform for brand success.


For healthcare professionals, we have the proven experience and expertise to provide insight driven strategy and for commissioners, we add value through collaboration with our extensive network of experts who live and breathe their world every working day.


Partner with Accendo Marketing and we will work with you every step of the way to research, create and deliver strategies that excite all your customers, and ultimately deliver value to you, your brand and your organisation.


Accendo Marketing – From Sparks to Fire

Why settle for sparks when you can have fire?

We are experts at identifying opportunities to reignite existing products during their life cycle, and in particular towards loss of exclusivity (LoE).

This reignition is delivering unrealised value to our clients and supporting investment in their future products. We have LoE experience in some of the most significant and globally successful brands in our industry including Lipitor, Viagra, Detrusitol and Enbrel.

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Ask Yourself…

Is there a gap between your marketing plan and your tactical execution?

Do you find yourself scraping the barrel with creating new solutions?

Are you missing the support you need to turn your marketing strategy into reality?

Do you believe you could do more for the right customers in the right way at the right time?

If the answer to ANY of these questions is YES, please contact us now to find out how we can:

Help your brand succeed –

Using our 10-step marketing activation process, from strategy through to tactical execution


Solve your creative needs –

With a broader approach, utilising our suite of creative techniques, to develop multiple solutions


Create tangible outputs –

We will work with you to develop your insight driven strategy so are best placed to turn this into reality


Ensure your marketing plan is right for both healthcare professionals and commissioners

We have the knowledge and experience to meaningfully engage with both customer groups with equal expertise

Our marketing activation process (MAP) follows 10 steps from insight driven strategy development through to execution to build a platform for your brand’s success.


Contact us to find out how SPARKS to FIRE can bring value to you, your brand and your organisation.

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