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With our knowledge and expertise, we will ensure all of your marketing strategies are illuminating for all your customers – healthcare professionals and commissioners alike – so the execution can be right every time.



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We have the experience, insights and expertise because we’ve been in your shoes


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We inspire and enlighten through our innovative ideas and approach




We consistently deliver high quality for the right customer at the right time




“Accendo” means to kindle and light up – this is who we are and what we bring



Jason Perfitt

Managing Director

Jason runs Accendo Marketing, providing strategic marketing consultancy and creative solutions for the healthcare industry. Jason has over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector with a history of successfully managing the lifecycle of some of the industry’s most significant brands. Jason co-created and implemented the UK end of patent / Loss of Exclusivity (LoE) plans for brands such as Lipitor, Viagra, Detrusitol and Enbrel, including communication and messaging, commercial responses to competition, and channel management tactics. Over his career, Jason has a track record of building teams, launching products and creating new revenue opportunities for organisations.

Sally Elms

Creative Director

Sally has been a Creative Director for over 25 years, with 15 years’ experience working in the health care industry, providing strategic and creative solutions for global biopharmaceutical clients. Having worked in most therapy areas, Sally believes collaboration in creativity is vital. Our creative team are an extension of our clients’ team, we work collaboratively to get the best job done in the most innovative and efficient way. Attention to detail from start to finish is what clients expect and it is Sally’s role to ensure our writers, creatives and designers ingeniously conceive concepts that are meticulously written and thoughtfully crafted. Producing compelling ideas and stories that are brought to life across all communication channels.


Andy Davis

Company Chairman

Andy has led the development of several ground breaking market access strategies in the UK. In 1998 as a Business Unit Director, Andy implemented the first ever outcomes guarantee in the UK with Lipitor in the West Midlands. In 1999, Andy piloted and rolled out Heart Matters which became a driver for the ongoing success of Lipitor. Whilst Managing Director of Takeda, Andy created a payer engagement strategy which drove Actos and Amias to number 1 in their respective markets. In addition, Andy developed and negotiated the first ever primary care portfolio rebate for the NHS in 2012. For the last 7 years, Andy has consulted with over 40 marketing and market access teams to support the optimisation of clinical and commissioning engagement.

Adrian Giles

Non-Executive Director

Adrian is able to align pharmaceutical companies more effectively with the NHS, having spent 18 years in the NHS as a senior manager leading on the development of a number of ground breaking and innovative service improvement initiatives. Adrian then embarked on a 15-year career in the pharmaceutical industry. He started in pharmaceutical sales with GSK as an integrated healthcare manager. Adrian was the national sales force effectiveness manager at Takeda UK where he was responsible for supporting the Regional Account Director (RAD) team. This role followed a successful period as a RAD where he was amongst the top performers. Adrian continues to deliver pro-bono skills training to the NHS on a weekly basis as this is where his heart lies.


We outsource our central operational functions to The Mayfair Bio-Hub, who have delegated authority to act on our behalf for the provision of the following services:

• Legal

• Contracting

• Compliance

• Corporate governance

• Finance

• Branding & communications

• Human resources

Jan Rutter

Chief Operating Officer

Claire Broughton

Legal Counsel

Seth Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Verity Giles

Director of Communications

Diane Smith

Operations Manager

Charlie Elston

Company Personal Assistant
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