From Sparks to Fire

Accendo Marketing delivers insight driven healthcare marketing strategies to ignite pharmaceutical brands and rekindle portfolios for our clients.

Building a Platform for Brand Success

At Accendo Marketing, it is our mission to ensure that your marketing plan survives contact with both healthcare professionals and budget holders alike.

Solving Your Biggest Communications Challenges

At Accendo Marketing we know who your most important customers are and how to engage with them effectively.

Adding Value
for You, Your Brand and Your Organisation

We will work with you every step of the way to research, create and deliver successful and exciting strategies.

Accendo Marketing

In Latin, Accendo (a-chen-dough) means to illuminate, arouse, light up and set fire to and that is what we do for our clients’ brands!


Accendo Marketing is the first strategic marketing agency that focuses on healthcare professionals and budget holders with equal expertise, to ensure your marketing plan survives contact with all of these customers and builds a platform for your brand’s success.


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